What Is Tramadol? What Are The Uses Of It?

One day my ailing aunt said to me, “I am suffering from constant body-ache and joint pains. What should I do?”

I was well-informed about the composition of Tramadol. I answered, “If you are suffering from any kind of pain then Tramadol is the best medicine for you. This medicine is a combination of two stereoisomer (R and S), and it is medically proved that it is very effective for instant pain relief. It can also be used with paracetamol (this combination is called Tramacet).” Very soon, my aunt tried out Tramadol 50mg, and she got positive result and she is now pain free.

We know that some pain killers are not medically approved. But it is medically proven that Tramadol does not have the strong side effects caused by morphine, but it is closer to pathidine and codeine although much less addictive than codeine..

What are the uses of Tramadol?

We have seen that doctors mainly prescribe this medicine as a pain relief drug. Apart from this Tramadol is used in some other conditions also. It is not used during pregnancy, but can be used for geriatric patients but it is not recommended for regular use in these cases. Personally I assure you that this medicine is the best painkiller because I have gotten a good results in taking it and so I am satisfied with this medicine.

I was badly injured in a car accident and I was totally bedridden for almost one month. Some of my body parts were fractured and I was suffering from acute pain during these period. Especially at night when my pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep. I used the Internet to find an online pharmacy in the UK where I could buy tramadol.  I was prescribed Tramadol 50mg capsule every 4 hours for ten days by the online doctor and after taking this medicine my nerves felt relieved and after few days I was completely cured from pain. So I believe that this medicine is a really effective pain reliever. (Update on 05/02/2016) Unfortunately, the site I found no longer sells Tramadol, in fact you cannot buy Tramadol online in the UK legally. You can however buy codeine online in the UK from the same site here. This page features a variety of codeine based painkillers including codeine phosphate, dihydrocodeine (a semi-synthetic opioid) and co-codamol (codeine phosphate plus paracetamol) all of which you can buy online.

Medical prescriptions:

I strongly suggest that before taking Tramadol or Codeine, you should consult a doctor or you can ask the pharmacist about the composition and the side effects of the medicine because each medicine has different components and it has a particular use and specific dose for specific disease.
According to the doctors and medical journals, the prescribed dose of Tramadol is maximum 400 milligrams for adults and 300 milligrams per day for geriatric (above 70 years of age) patients. It is my opinion that you should maintain your doctor’s advice because taking more than the regular dose of Tramadol may cause some adverse effects.

If you suffer from acute pain then your doctor can prescribe some anti-narcotic medicine with the combination of Tramadol or codeine because they work with some other medicines as a combination of pain relief component, but you can also ask your doctor whether it will be suitable or not. Either that or you can order Tramadol online.

Some adverse effects:

There are some side effects of all opioids including Tramadol and codeine. When you suffer from acute pain, you can take these medicines but you should consult with your doctor and take them according to the prescription.
It is mandatory to inform your doctor about your previous medical history because if you are suffering from liver disease or lung infections, then the doses of Tramadol and codeine can vary.  When you purchase Tramadol or codeine online from a licensed pharmacy as I did you have to fill in a long questionnaire as part of the online consultation.